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Beef Brisket Cooking Instructions

Beef Tenderloin Cooking Instructions

Beer Brined Porkloin Chops

Boneless Porkloins Cooking Instructions

Chef’s Delight Tenderloin

Fast & Easy BBQ Pork

Mustard BBQ Sauce

Pork Chop Marinade

Prime Rib Cooking Instructions

Vinegar Base BBQ Sauce

Food Safety Tips:
Temperature Rules:
  • 145 degrees F.: Beef, pork (chops, ribs and roasts), lamb, veal (steaks and roasts), Medium rare
  • 160 degrees F.: Ground meats (beef, pork, veal and lamb), egg dishes, Medium
  • 165 degrees F.: All poultry
  • 170 degrees F.: Well done meat
Local Health Departments:
  • Defiance County: 419-784-3818
  • Fulton County: 419-337-0915
  • Henry County: 419-599-5545
  • Lucas County: 419-245-4100
  • Williams County: 419-485-3141
  • Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joe County: 517-279-9561